Intellighent Medical Care Robot Intellighent Medical Care Robot

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Product Description

v  Full-automatic Detection of User Defecation

 The fully automatic excretion treatment system, for long-term or short-term bedridden users, can urinate and defecate by themselves without informing others.

v   Intelligent Nursing and Monitoring

 24-hour automatic monitoring and care, complete all the processes of urination, cleaning and drying, so that users can keep clean and dry and feel more comfortable.

v   Air Purification with Double Deodorization Technology

 Intelligent Medical Care Robot with efficient deodorization and mute function system are effectively improve the long-term bedridden environment..

v   Automatic Warm Water Flushing and Extract Excrement

 When the user discharges urinate and defecate, the sensor automatically senses and immediately extracts the urinate and defecate and stores it in the sewage bucket, and then the purified water automatically washes the user's private parts and the interior of diapers bag.

v Ozone Disinfection and Hot Air Drying Function

 Optimum design of ozone disinfection system. Each nozzle has the function of warm air drying the users private areas. Immediately carry out warm air drying treatment for users.

Product Features

Turn on the “Automatic” or “Manual” Switch Mode

Automatic Mode

  • Design of AI Auto Detection System, 24 hours monitoring and nurcing care
  • Full-automatic treatment system, the system will sensing the users defecation and easily solve the problem of urine, and let users keep clean and dry condition. The auto-detection system will rinse twice within a minute. and fine dust in the air.

Manual Mode

  • Choosing the “Poop” icon, the system will rinse 2 times continually in 1 minute.    Voice Application System Technology has been applied in “INTELLIGENT MEDICAL CARE ROBOT” 

Voice Automatic Alert

  • Sewage basket is full 
  • Water level of water tank falls below normal
  • Check once a day and clean up the accumulated excrement in the sawage basket

Air Purification with Double Deodorization Technology

  • Closed internal circulation system filters odor
  • Super oxidation ability, purification and sterilization, can decompose more than 99% of bacteria and fine dust in the air.
  • Control the growth of bacteria.

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