S400-T S400-T

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Product Description

Viewtronic Electric Lift Mobile Medical Workstation


  • v    ABS nano antibacterial solid smooth worksurface
  • v    Configured touch screen all-in-one computer
  • v    Forming in one time heavy cast-aluminum base, provides a very stable foundation
  • v    Electric lifting powered system offers full sit-to-stand functionality of fluid height adjustment
  • v    Includes a pull-out keyboard with a large workspace
  • v    Equipped with imported ultra-smooth gliding casters (With Brake System)
  • v    Easy and affordable mobile solution, which combines the electric lifting powered system enables the monitor to stop in any range of height adjustment positioning   
  • v    Features with certified electric lifting powered system, allows 6-8 hours long battery life


Product Features


Optional Accessories. Future Harware Upgrade

v    Printer Tray  

v    Scanning Spear Bracket Holder  

v    Storage Box

v    Customized Medicine Kit


High-Density Monitor Screen

  • v    Configured Touch Screen All-in-One Computer
  • v    High-Density Power Display
  • v    Productive and Precise Height Adjustment


Modular Concept Design

v    This tailored solutions is build by combining the electric and hardware module to each other for ultimate charging to acess for RFID users, power display, NFC card swiping and electric power system or other equipment whatever its needed




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